Airdrop farmers/scammers

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Airdrop farmers/scammers

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Just wanted to drop a quick post on here regards BITx airdrop farmer/scammer attempts.

BITx manually vets all wallets requesting the BITx airdrop or wanting to exchange other XRPL tokens for BITx. Inevitably some will slip through the net but we do catch out more than other projects who use automated airdrop methods. This can often lead to such people publicly claiming on Twitter and/or other social media platforms that BITx has somehow not fulfilled its airdrop/token exchange offers.

We want to reassure all genuine participants that, although it is possible that there may be the rare occasion where we accidentally/incorrectly decline to send BITx to a genuine participant, it is always possible for you to DM us (or publicly comment should you choose to) via Twitter to raise an issue with us for any specific wallet address.

A recent example of the sort of thing we're referring to: ... 80220?s=20

If any of our responses appear a little harsh/blunt at times.. it's only in an attempt to put off others from doing the same.

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